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Picture of Viterskalet

STF cottage site

On trail:Kungsleden
Coordinates:65°53'09"N, 15°09'27"E
Altitude:880 m
Fjeld map:AC2
Accommodation:24 beds

Two cottages where the smaller valley Viterskalet opens into Syterskalet, renovated in 2001. One of the buildings functions as a common area and has no beds. This is another suitable base for tours to N Sytertoppen, whereto a marked summer trail leads; one can also continue down to Syter on the other side. The winter-time waffle serving which has previously taken place here is closed as of 2021.

Approximate distances
Klippen8 km
Hemavan11 km
Syter12 km
Solberg22.5 km
Syterskalet6 km
Sytertoppen6 km
Stabre13.5 km
Vallentjåkke15 km
Vindelfjällen 2019Day 5
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