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Wednesday 11/3

Stage map 11/3

Amon Rdh/Ljtvrre

Horizontal distance:12.5 km
Vertical distance:-40 m, +200 m, -220 m, +60 m
Time:5 h
Lunch break:1 h
Night accommodation:
Stage classification:Easy
Map point:Laitaure

There was a sled track going up the trail, and in short fashion I ran into the Pole, who had just finished packing up his night camp. My grip was not too good so the ascent was more taxing this time around, but at least the birches were easy on the eye with their frosted branches. Just before the tree line I left the trail and headed for the hilltop I had named Amon Rdh on snow perfect for skiing (true jddahka), going straight for the rock I had lunched against earlier.

While it was now rather cloudy there was a pretty light beyond the edge of these clouds, which lay far off to the southeast. In the other direction there was a bit of sun upon Brdde and Gdoktjhkk, and nothing was hidden from view yet. It was also completely still and so was I for quite some time, but finally I went down the eastern side of the hill. On the side trail were fresh ski and dog tracks and the descent was fun albeit rather cold due to the drag. I followed the Sitolvsbron trail back to Kungsleden and proceeded onto Ljtvrre where the snow was hard, and I mostly kept to the side of the packed snowmobile tracks.

Ahead of me the dogsleds were just reaching the far shore, and in over Sarek there was still some sun to be seen; Tjahkkelij was being clouded, and looking east it appeared as though the cloud border was slowly coming closer. A group of fishermen with the special kind of mobile living quarters called arks had taken up position in the bay immediately west of the Laitaure shelter, and I met one of their snowmobile-borne owners just before reaching shore. Inside the shelter I found the Pole, who was going to rest for the rest of the day and then spend the night. Myself I skied out on the jetty whence the summer boat runs depart and had lunch at noon.

Trail 1
Upper forest
Frost 1
View west
Amon Rdh 1
Amon Rdh
Nammsj & Skierffe 1
The Valley
Panorama 1
Panorama towards the southeast from Amon Rdh
Rapadalen 1
Frost 2
Frost galore
Skierffe 1
Frost 2
Trail 2
On the lower trail
Ljtvrre 1
On the lake
Bielloriehppe 1
Closeup of Bielloriehppe
Laitaure shelter 1
Arriving at the shelter

As I sat there more snowmobiles were edging past the nearby promontory, stopping to drill fishing holes at regular intervals. I remained seated for a good while, during which I noted that the northern horizon had suddenly disappeared due to the appearance of a cloud. Off to the southwest, however, another broken-up edge of the cloud cover was approaching, and soon enough it reached my location. I got going again following the snowmobile tracks around the promontory, heading over to a couple of the fishermen. These I spoke with for a while – they had gotten some fish all right, but they still held that fishing had not been too good. Then three of their comrades came and we talked some more before I continued along the sled track that the Pole had made earlier.

The sun was now out in full and the sight before my eyes was fine indeed. Having proceeded far enough to have this sight fully unbarred I then turned towards the more pronounced promontory on the other side, skiing on snow that mostly carried well even though the top layer was just fluff. When I reached the little isle just before land I started following a ski track round its eastern side, then between it and the promontory, and then I switched to a snowmobile track running along the shore. At the jetty I took another ski track up into the forest, coming onto the main track to the Aktse field under a blazing sun at 15.

Fjelds 1
A little bit lighter...
Tjahkkelij 1
...due to lessening clouds...
Laitaure shelter 2
...from the south
Fisherman 1
Arks 1
Temporary residences
Ljtvrre 2
Following the Pole's track
Skierffe 2
Skierffe broadside
Tjahkkelij 2
Angular Tjahkkelij
Panorama 2
Panorama across the lake, with Gdoktjhkk, Bielloriehppe, Nammsj, Ridok, Suorkitjhkk and Skierffe
Skierffe & Slieŋgetjhkk 1
Skierffe and Slieŋgetjhkk
Gbll 1
Ljtvrre 3
Nammsj 1
Nammsj closeup
Nammsj & Skierffe 2
That view again
Jetty 1
Out of order
Aktse cottages 1
In order

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