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What a hit. It seems that I've developed a knack for choosing just the right time for things like this, both externally (when to execute the tour) and internally (when to go where, and how). During the extended week that I was gallivanting around the Scandinavian fjelds, the entire region was held in a powerful grip by an atmospherical high pressure just as powerful, producing weather as fair as fair can be. Also, I was abundantly glad that I hadn't in fact started on that Sunday, since that would have meant going to Gåsen on the first Tuesday, which was the only day with westerly winds. Then there were the northward-directed stages with hard southerly winds, et cetera. Quite astonishing.

Other than that, it was nice visiting Norway – with Norwegian company, at that. That encounter in particular also served to actualize the need for re-waxing of the glide sections of my skis, which I will have taken care of before the next tour. Blåhammaren was as welcoming and sustenance-awesome as expected, too. Finally, I note that my equipment takes tough weather conditions in stride, which is always good to know for certain, and that my prearranged food allocation was near perfect.

On the downside, there was that bothersome pressure wound caused by one (but not the other) ski boot, but it never got bad enough to actually be worrying. In fact, it usually felt worst at the start of a stage, and faded to a very faint sensation as I got into my work rhythm. Still, it's a problem. Also, the handle of one of the ski poles has grown a tendency to come loose, which is potentially risky on steep slopes. I'll have to look into both issues.

To sum up the summary: this was just swell! I've almost covered every conceivable route between the Jämtland cottages by now, and so the upcoming tour in spring will take place in Lapland – I hope my queer weather talent will not fail me then either...



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