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I like the early winter season, both because it's not so crowded in the cottages and on the trails, and because it's a different kind of snow – and therefore "look and feel" – compared to the end of the season. Therefore, I had already planned on doing a tour in early March, and when I got a mail from STF about a special discount offer for members in Jämtland during the first two weeks, it was definitely settled.

Regarding where to go, I had been considering the notion of visiting Norway – more specifically, by rounding the Sylarna massif, visiting Nedalshytta and Storerikvollen, finishing with a substantial dinner at the Blåhammaren fjeld station back in Sweden. However, as I began researching this proposal, I discovered that the two Norwegian facilities would be all locked up until early April/Easter, at which time one has to pay for full service (i.e. no cooking of one's own).

Now, the Norwegian Mountain Touring Association (DNT) has a system in which members can request a standard key that fits nearly all locks on their large number of mountain cabins, making them available around the year. Since I did not feel like paying the entrance fee to another association just for that, I put the border-crossing out of my mind for the time being. But, some time later I chanced upon an ad paper jointly produced by Trondhjems Turistforening (TT) and STF, wherein it was revealed that members of STF also have the right to request the key. Strange that neither association has any info on that on their respective websites...

With the neighboring country back in play, I drew up a plan, extending the circuit of Sylarna to include some of the Swedish cottages as well, making the tour a rather long one. I like those...

My packing list was as follows:

To wear 
underpantsboxer shorts + extra protection165g
sockspolyester/cotton mix + wool110g
thermal underwearwool400g
micro fleece suitTouch9375g
anorak with skiing pantsEverest GoldFlexSystem1750g
cap and glovesthin skiing cap and gloves150g
skiing glasses20g
For skiing 
skisFischer BCX Europa 99 Crown2900g
ski polesSwix Powder450g
ski bootsAlpina Back Country1475g
To carry 
rucksackMcKinley Crestone 702600g
shirtlarge, warm cotton shirt540g
sweaterknitted sweater1675g
spare capthicker knitted75g
spare gloveslarge fur-lined leather gloves300g
spare underpantsboxer shorts300g
spare socks(see above) + wool185g
mittensthin, figure-tight75g
leisure clothessoft pants + T-shirt675g
extra t-shirt190g
light shoessandals670g
Food related 
thermos1 liter615g
tablewarecamping set75g
camping stove, fuelTrangia 27 series + 3 dl ethanol1250g
food and drink 4 Blå Band Outdoor Meals freeze-dried packages
3 DryTech REAL freeze-dried packages
1 Spaghetteria freeze-dried package
1 small bag of tortellini
1 pasta sauce powder package
2 packages of bacon
1 small bag of pasta
1 l oatmeal
15 Varma Koppen/Cup-a-Soup instant soup packages
10 Ögonblink instant chocolate packages
10 tea bags
2 packages of soft bread
1 package of hard bread
1 can of butter
~15 cheese slices
~20 beef slices
1 large tube of cream cheese
1 package of biscuits
2 large chocolate bars
1 slab of dried reindeer meat
1 chocolate mousse powder package
Camping related 
sleeping bagAjungilak Kompakt L synthetic filling1700g
sleep mat325g
Other required stuff 
towellight medium-sized towel320g
flashlightLED headband90g
medical stuffbandage, anti-chafe adhesive, skin lotion, sun protection160g
hygiene stufftoothbrush, toothpaste, mini-shampoo, toilet paper180g
map and compassfjeld map (Z6: Storlien-Ljungdalen) + Silva100g
knifepersonally handmade150g
payment, recordingcards, bills, paper, pencil60g
bookThe Physics of Star Trek (Lawrence M. Krauss)175g
deck of cards80g
home key15g
cameraCanon PowerShot A75, batteries, memory cards, mini tripod625g
mobile phoneEricsson T65110g

Add to that a liter of hot water in the thermos, and a half-liter bottle of cold water I carried in the anorak's chest pocket.

I had a specific time period in mind, and as it was nearing the weather forecasts seemed more and more favorable. In fact, I considered starting a day earlier due to exceptionally nice weather, but ultimately decided to wait, mostly due to difficulties in getting to the train station early in the morning on a Sunday.

Here, then, is the full account of what transpired during the subsequent nine days. Each section has a header consisting of a short overview of the stage in question, complete with a map showing the route travelled. A ring marks the starting point, a square the lunch break location (if any), and a star the destination. Vertical distances have been calculated from the map and have an accuracy of 20 m. All breakfasts consisted of oatmeal porridge, tea and a sandwich.



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