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Monday 13/7 – part two

Warm start

Hĺkan, the man I was to relieve, was not in; a note on the door said he was up somewhere in the direction of Mĺrma, so I looked around a bit on my own. I quickly found the earth cellar, which was just a hole straight down into the ground with a cover, and dumped my much affected fresh food in there. I then had a wash at the place prepared for this purpose in the little forest brook, noting the continued complete absence of mosquitos, and then had lunch outside.

Cottages 2
For relaxing
Cottages 3
Older cottage

All the other people present had left by this time, so I was all alone in Vistas. I walked across the bridge to check out the campgrounds, and then sat in the perfectly placed chairs beneath the gable wall of the upper cottage, looking out over Stuor Reaiddávággi and Nállu. A single hiker then arrived from Nallo, and it turned out to be the son of Karl-Erik, the warden there; he was on his way home after visiting his father and soon went on down the valley, aiming to catch the boat the next day. After a quartet of Danes had passed by it was all quiet again, and I read out in the sun, which was warm enough that I had to pay another visit to the washing place later.

Visttasjohka 3
Vássačorru 1
Nállu 1
Cottages 4
Vistas cottages

Eventually Hĺkan and Kerstin came down from the heights, and we talked a bit outside before I could finally go fetch my things from storage. There was one other arrival, resulting in another overnight guest, and then I was treated to a good dinner by Hĺkan, who wanted to get rid of some last things. After a long talk there was movement outside, in the form of two elderly gents (80 years and just below) whom Hĺkan knew from before, and they were also staying. A couple of Austrian guys who had travelled the length of the valley on the southwestern side from Nikkaluokta (unclear if it was intended or not) stopped by to shop, which was the last event of note in the day. It was a very pleasant evening, still mostly devoid of insects, and I didn't climb into bed until 22:30.

Visttasjohka 4
Bathing place downstream
Sun 3
The sun tracing Šielmmáčohkka's ridge
Evening 1
Last light on the lows
Evening 2
More light on Bálggástakčorru
Evening 3
Volumetric light through
Unna Visttasvággi


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