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For this summer I had a couple of strong wishes with regard to wardenship postings – and received neither. What I did get was an offer to be in Vistas during the middle period, and therefore had some serious pondering to do. The main reasons for my hesitation were, besides the disappointment in not getting what I actually wanted, on the one hand that I have been in Vistas before – and as always I am loth to repeat things outright – and on the other that the risk for high mosquito levels is always a factor in Visttasvággi that time of year. In the end, though, having explored some options, I decided to accept; I do, after all, feel very strongly about the area in question, and it had been no less than nine years since I last visited Vistas without snow.

In planning the trip I decided to take the opportunity to make it a longer one. While it would have been possible to get straight to Vistas in one day, utilizing the boat service from Nikkaluokta, I abstained from this possibility in favor of the "high route" I had started with on the Mĺrma tour, which would require full camping gear. This also opened up the prospect of a more interesting lead-out tour, and I thought up a variant that would bring me through some areas I had yet to visit.

The start of summer was cold and dreary in pretty much the whole country, but then it really took off, and there were temperatures of around 30°C even in the fjelds. It was in the height of the warmth that I left Östersund, looking very much forward to what was looking to be a great summer in the fjelds – if only the mosquitos would be manageable...

Here, then, follows an abridged account of the events during the month I spent in and around Vistas, illustrated by the usual range of pictures. Day tours have been placed in their own reports, which are linked to from the relevant pages.



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