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Updated facilities with info about the slated reductions in Jämtland. The Pältsa report is underway and will show up eventually.

Updated facilities with the latest info about the Sälka sauna. I'll also note that I'll be doing the warden thing in the Pältsa cottage from early August onwards, a place which has hitherto not been included on the site due to its remote location at the extreme northern end of Sweden.

Made some minor facility updates.

Improved some styling which previously affected the image viewer negatively in places.

Made some minor updates in places in preparation for summer and removed the last corona info remains.

Updated descriptions in Associations & links section and curtailed corona info.

Added Ritsem Circuit 2022 report to Tours section and Røysvatn to the facilities database, as I passed it by during the tour.

Made some minor updates after learning some new facts. I've also recently returned from a longer tour in the Ritsem area, which will be posted in report form at a later date.

Added Gåsen 2022 report to Tours section and updated corona info again. The latter section keeps shrinking, and with some luck it can be removed entirely when this summer is done (hear hear).

Added the new bus operator on the Ritsem line to Associations & links section.

Updated corona info again, which is growing sparser. That's good. I've also just returned from a very fair Easter tour in the Jämtland fjelds, for the first time in years (also good). Report to follow.

Adjusted some corona info again.

Adjusted some corona info.

It took much longer than anticipated, but I finally managed to get the Anaris day tour report finished – just before year's end. Also amended some corona info, which is likely to change again in the near future what with omicron and all.

Finally added the Anaris 2021 report to the Tours section and updated facility references; day tours to follow later. Corona info has also been updated, but is as always subject to change.

Back from Anaris, and I've added the nearby(ish) fishing camps to the facilities database, together with some fresh images and info. A full report will show up eventually.

Just a minor update with some corona info and to say that I'll soon be leaving for a month-long wardenship in the Anaris cottage, so no more updates until the end of August.

Updated some information in preparation for the summer season, which is just starting.

Updated facility info now that the winter season is largely over.

Updated some links.

Updated the facilities in Vindelfjällen to match the nature reserve's new official site.

Updated various facility-related information in preparation for the winter season.

Added a new site section – Names – which features an automatically generated index of place names based on mentions in the reports in the Tours section. Due to the automatic nature of the index and the fact that this is a brand new section, there might be some issues with it, so do report them should you find any.

Made a number of updates throughout the site (technical and textual) and updated the facilities database due to changed service availability in STF's cottages. Further changes are expected before the summer at the latest.

Minor corona info update.

Updated some info about corona-related restrictions, but with the situation's being so volatile everything is subject to change before the winter season starts.

Added the Kårsavagge day tours report to Tours section and updated facilities.

Added Kårsavagge 2020 report to Tours section (day tours forthcoming) and updated facilities.

Made a few quick updates to reflect the fact that there are now several boat services on Áhkájávrre, the latest of which has taken over the old tour boat M/S Storlule.

Back in civilization, so I've updated the facilities database and the corona stuff with the latest info.

I'm now leaving to open up the Kårsavagge cottage for the summer season, which will be an unusual one in several ways. This also means that there will be no more corona updates here until the end of July, so again: check with the facility owners first.

Updated coronavirus info. As the situation keeps changing, always refer to the actual facility owner(s) for the latest updates.

Updated the facilities database with Tjäktja's increased bed count.

Updated coronavirus info.

Updated coronavirus info.

Added information about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the coming summer season to the Facilities section. Please note that this information is subject to change at any time, since everyone's still just guessing about how things will unfold. Also updated the Overview and Associations and links sections with information about the new boat on Áhkájávrre.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak STF will impose a premature end to the winter season in all their manned cottages on March 30 this year. The fjeld stations remain open for now, but the situation is monitored closely. Also note that DNT has already closed all Norwegian cottages. What happens to the summer season is still up in the air, since no one knows how the pandemic is going to develop.

Changed the structure of the Facilities section to make the search function more prominent and adjusted some related styles, plus made a number of performance-improving technical updates.

Corrected the use of various names throughout the site in preparation for a new feature.

Added Vindelfjällen 2019 report to Tours section and updated facilities.

More technical updates allowing for better caching and handling of crawler hits to obsolete URLs, plus (somewhat) improved font rendering.

Fixed a bug having to do with internal tour links.

I've just returned from a very warm and very beautiful tour in Vindelfjällen, which will be turned into a report eventually. For now, I've added some new images to the facility database.

Upgraded the Bobäcken map point to Shelter status, since there is an actual shelter there nowadays, and also made some updates to the Areas and trails section.

Another minor facility update.

Adjusted the facility entry for Sylarna somewhat after additional refurbishments.

Updated a large number of outdated links throughout the site (mostly HTTPS upgrades).

Added Storulvån-Vålådalen 2019 report to Tours section and updated facilities.

Made a few technical updates. A new, shiny tour report is also in the final stages of production, so stay tuned!

More bugfixes.

Corrected a few bugs and outstanding out-of-date pieces of information (as expected...).

I've finally moved the site to a new server, with a better technical environment and a more rememberable domain!

In so doing I've also taken the opportunity to rewrite large parts of the backend, for increased performance and other improvements such as nicer-looking paths, carry out some visual tweaks while I was at it, together with better mobile support for image galleries, and refresh some out-of-date information and links. Backward compatibility is still maintained throughout, but – as always in the case of larger updates – do tell if anything appears broken or otherwise strange.

Added and linked the Vaimok day tours and updated the facility entries for the Vålådalen area cottages since the New Year period is no more (damn!).

Added Vaimok 2018 report to Tours section and updated facilities and map points. Day tours to appear later.

The top cabin from 1983 upon Giebmegáisi has been destroyed – intentionally – so I've updated the facility database and its references to reflect this.

Made a few minor updates to areas, facilities and links.

I've just returned from a pleasant wardenship in the Vaimok cottage, the coverage of which will find its way online eventually. In the meantime I've updated the facilities database with a few amendments and new pictures.

Updated some info on the Padjelanta cottages for the summer, including a recent official change of their names to Sámi orthography.

Added Storulvån-Vålådalen 2018 report to Tours section and updated the facilities database.

Updated the facility entry for Sylarna to include information about the station's brand new restaurant, and what this means for visitors. In other news I've just returned from a great Easter tour, a report of which I hope to have online before too long.

Updated the facility database with STF's current allocation of provisions and saunas at their cottage sites, something which has been under change during the last year or two.

Added Lunndörrsfjällen 2017 report to Tours section. This also involved some adjustments to the global stylesheet to accommodate the different image aspect of my new camera, but I think I've managed to find a workable solution without breaking existing layouts. Reload the page(s) if something seems amiss.

Uploaded a couple of new images to the facilities database. A report from a late-summer tour in Lunndörrsfjällen is also forthcoming, but it will be some time yet before it appears.

Made some minor updates to the facilities database for the coming summer season (which is, in the northern and northwestern parts, rather slow in coming).

Added the New top cabin upon Giebmegáisi to the facilities database and amended the entry for the two existing top cabins. Note that the tour reports that reference the older pair still refer to the constituent buildings as "Old" and "New", whereas this fresh addition is actually the newest of them all (completed in the autumn of 2016).

Made a few minor additions and adjustments.

Added Sylarna 2016 report to Tours section, plus a few other updates.

I've just returned from a late-summer tour to Sylarna and have added some new facility pictures, plus another transportation link. More to come!

Updated a number of links here and there.

Made some performance enhancements and started breaking up overly long paragraphs of text throughout the site.

Updated the facility database to reflect the fact that there is also a public sauna at Kaitumjaure nowadays.

Restored the functionality of the Map section, which was broken by a Google repository move. It should only have been down for a day or two.

Updated the facility database again with info on the new construction at Láddjujávri.

Updated the facility database with summer info for Padjelanta, and the new sauna in Vistas. There have also been a few minor style enhancements during the past few days.

Added Vålådalen 2015/2016 report to Tours section and updated the facilities. It has since snowed quite a bit, so conditions should be much better now...

Made a few updates in various places, most notably a new viewing mode in the Tours section. A report from the New Year's tour is forthcoming, but won't be ready for some time yet.

Some bug fixes and other minor adjustments have recently been completed – and with that I leave for another New Year's tour, hoping for better snow conditions than what Östersund can offer at the moment...

Introduced a new lightbox-style image viewer in the Tours section, with navigation controls (including the left, right, home, end and escape keys). For compatibility reasons the old functionality is retained in mobile mode, at least for now, and when JavaScript is not available the thumbnail links simply open the full-size image files. Some other adjustments have been going on under the hood these past few weeks as well, but I think I've settled most things by now.

Happy Yule!

New month, new site! The old version had become increasingly dated and did not work very well under modern conditions, and neither did it avail itself of modern technologies – and even though my focus has always been on content over form an update was long overdue.

Everything has been completely reworked, and the result is (I hope!) a clean, fast, nice-looking website that just works, avoiding many of the issues, technical and visual, that otherwise plague the "modern web". Facilities, links and other externally sourced data have been brought up to date, with a number of new additions, and there are also some further plans for added functionality and other things down the line, but for now I just wanted to roll out the new platform as it is.

Getting down to specifics, the whole site is now responsive HTML5/CSS3 with extensive server-side rendering and will automatically adapt to whatever screen size the viewing device offers (within reasonable limits), while still maintaining similarly reasonable backward compatibility all the way down to Internet Explorer 8, which is still around. The site has been beta tested by a number of users on a number of different devices with a number of different browsers, but as with any major overhaul there may still be some kinks to iron out, so please tell me if you find any – but try reloading first to clear the browser cache.

Beta testing of a new, completely reworked version of the site started!

Added Storulvån-Vålådalen 2015 report to Tours section, updated the facilities database, and executed a few other minor tweaks. Summer is late in coming to the fjelds this year...

Also updated the info for Ritsem, which has seen some changes recently.
(As for tours this winter, which are conspicuously absent from the site, there have been several – but none which really fits the type and format presented here. Just sayin'.)

Updated the Padjelanta facilities to conform with the new BLT website, including the outbound links.

Just a quick note saying that I fixed another API-change-bug in the map app that prevented the info windows from working properly.

Updated Unna Allakas's facility entry to reflect the new sauna, and corrected a spelling mistake elsewhere. Oh, and Happy Yule!

The belowmentioned point is here, and so is the Kebnekaise-Ritsem report, completing this summer.

The latest Vistas day tours are now up. The longer lead-out tour is forthcoming (at some point...).

Vistas 2014 report published (no day tours yet).

Added Tarfala research station to the facilities database and updated a number of outdated links.

I'm home after a mostly terrific summer in the fjelds. For now I've updated the facilities database with some new pics and info; more to come.

Just a quick update adding the new sauna at Akka – and to say that I'll be leaving for a month-long wardenship in Vistas next week.

The new Stensdalen cottage is now finished and open for guests!

Updated the facilities database with the Padjelanta cottages' provisions situation for the summer. As this tends to vary between periods, be sure to check the corresponding BLT info page if you plan on restocking in the Park.

Quick update reflecting the changed status of Stabburet, which is no longer classified as a shelter.

At last, the map is back in a fully operational state, with all features, now running smoothly (I hope) on the v3 API. Let me know if there are some lingering bugs.

Published the New Year's tour to Lunndörren.

Added the Abisko day tours as well.

Finally posted the Abisko 2013 report and linked it. Day tours remain.

Added Vadvetjåkka 2013 report to Tours section. This tour occured during the Abisko sojourn, which has yet to be documented.

Ok, so most of the map is operational again, but areas are disabled for the time being. There are also some style issues, but these require a deeper looking-into than what I can muster right now. Continue to stay tuned.

Added Unna Allakas 2013 report to Tours section. Also, the map tool only displays partial functionality at the moment, apparently due to a change of some sort over at Google's, but I haven't had time to look at it yet. Stay tuned.

I just realized that I had forgotten to link a panorama in the Tjäktja 2013: Day Tours report, so I took care of that.

I've been spending the majority of the late summer and autumn in and around Abisko, reports of which should find their way here eventually. For the moment I've made some updates to the facilities database.

I'm on a roll, so I've added Vålådalen 2013 too, which completes this winter's tours.

Now the Tjäktja day tours are online as well.

Finally got the Tjäktja 2013 report up; day tours to follow.

Updated the provisions info for the Padjelanta cottages with regard to the summer at hand. Reports from the winter's adventures are underway and/or planned, but I simply have not had the time to produce them yet due to other projects and responsibilities.

I've just returned home from an opening stint in Tjäktja; a good deal of snow and wind, but also sun and views. In anticipation of a forthcoming report I've made some changes to the facility database, and also clarified the current situation with regard to payment options in STF's cottages.

Added the Kaitumjaure day tours to Tours section and activated the internal links.

Added Kaitumjaure 2012 report to Tours section and updated the facilities database to match.

I've been home for a while after the early summer's wardenship in Kaitumjaure, and according to all reports, both past and present, that area of the country has probably been the best to be in weather-wise so far. Swell, even though summer did take some time to get going; spring was late and slow this year. Anyway, I've updated the facilities database with some new pictures and renamed a hut for historical reasons. More to follow later on.

Added Gåsen 2012 report to Tours section and updated the facility database with information about the coming summer's availability of provisions in Padjelanta.

Added Vålådalen 2011/2012 report to Tours section and updated the facility database and some links.

Added a video of the weasel on day 7 in the Sarek 2011 report.

Added the intertwined Sarek 2011 and Pårek 2011 reports to Tours section. Also added the rest of Hamberg's buildings in Sarek as map points, and updated the facility database.

I'm back from a two-week sojourn in Sarek National Park, the second half of which was dedicated to a fjeld weather course held by Svenska Fjällklubben (Swedish Alpine Club). On the whole it was quite a mixed bag, with a great deal of celestial water towards the end, but I was also rather lucky in many respects. More to come, of course, but for now I've added some fresh facility photos and made an actual facility entry for the Alkavare chapel.

Updated the facility entries for the Padjelanta cottages with fresh information concerning the summer season. Do note, however, that the non-Swedish pages on the BLT site are out of date in this regard as of this writing.

Added Helags 2011 report to Tours section and adjusted the facilities database to match.

I spent the Easter holiday in the fjelds of home, and had a terrific time – much thanks to the similarly terrific weather. Spring at its finest. A report will be forthcoming, but for now I've added some new facility pictures.

Corrected an unintentional omission of an image in the Vistas day tours, and took the oppotunity to make a couple of other minor changes.

Updated the Stensdalen page with accommodation info.

Finally got around to adding my little autumn tour, which very nearly became a winter tour instead...

Happy New Year!
Updated the facilities database to reflect the fact that the Vålådalen fjeld station is as of now no longer tied to STF, and made a few additional changes to better report other current situations. No other substantial updates yet, I'm afraid, but one is in the works.

Added the Unna Allakas day tours to Tours section and updated various references.

There, finally done with the Unna Allakas 2010 report. Also did the usual updates, together with some other changes and corrections.

I'm back from a late-season tour in the fjelds here in the Republic, which turned out very differently than originally intended, due to heavy snowfall immediately preceding it. For now, I've updated the facility database with some new pictures and facts.

Added Nissonjohka campsite as a POI on the map.

Added Vistas 2010 report to Tours section, updated the references, and fixed a spelling error.

Crap, it happened again. Compensating.

Apparently, the counter at the bottom of the start page was reset sometime during the summer, and then started ticking away happily again as if nothing had happened. Fortunately, the counter script stores data in two separate places, and I was able to use the secondary file to calculate the actual number of hits, and then overwrite the erroneous value. Hopefully it will work as expected now.

I've been back in civilization for a few days, and have now managed to add some more entries as well as photos to the facilities database. The tale of Unna Allakas will have to wait a bit longer, though, as I still have that Vistas report to complete.

Put in some info on the new management in Kvikkjokk. And, with that, I leave for Unna Allakas, where I'll be from midsummer to the start of August.

I just discovered that I had forgotten to link one image in the report I added yesterday, which is fixed now.
Oh, and happy Sweden Day, I suppose.

Added the Vistas day tours to Tours section – this time I decided to do things the other way around, seeing as how this report contains the really excellent stuff, if I may say so myself. The main report will come later, which in this case means "in autumn". I've also updated the info page of Stensdalen with the latest news about the coming summer season.

Another quick update of another devastating fire: the larger Stensdalen cottage burnt down yesterday, decimating the number of beds on the site to 12, which will be accessible during the coming summer. Since the destroyed building also contained the shop, it is doubtful whether provisions will be available, but the sauna should not be affected. STF's ambition is to build a new cottage, but nothing further is known at this point.

Home again! Since I'll be leaving for a five-week stay in Unna Allakas shortly before midsummer, I don't know how much of my recent sojourn I'll have time to work through before autumn, but for now I've added a winter picture of Vassakåtan, updated the facility database with some new info, and amended the orthography in a number of places seeing as how there is a new BD6 map – and it is with some pleasure I note that my complaint about "Nijbáš" (now properly Niibbáš) was apparently heeded...

...and I'm off to Vistas! Here's hoping for good weather and similarly good snow conditions. I'll be back sometime in early May.

Just a quick update: to my great regret, the Pieggaluoppal shelter has burnt down.

Added Vålådalen 2009/2010 report to Tours section, updated the facilities database with new photos and references, and made some other tweaks.

Now the Kutjaure day tours are online as well. Some great stuff there.

Added Kutjaure 2009 report to Tours section, amended the facilities database and tweaked a wee bit elsewhere.

Added Sulitelma-Padjelanta 2009 report to Tours section, exchanged some images in the Areas and trails section, refined a couple of trail parts on the Map, and inserted new references under Facilities. Phew!

Made some small changes at places, among which is the addition of searchable alternative facility names (e.g. "Konsul Perssons stuga").

I'm back from the combined trek/wardenship, and I look back rather fondly upon it all. I've just started looking at the resulting photos, and for starters I have updated the facilities database with some new pictures, and also added a couple of new entries. I've also made a few changes due to new information acquired "in the field", such as the newly installed assistance phones in Aktse and Kutjaure. More to come later on.

Took care of some small errors, updates and suchlike here and there. I'll also take this opportunity to mention that come Friday (7/8) I'm off to Sulitjelma for a week of hiking intended to land me in Kutjaure, where I will then go on to do the warden thing for another three weeks. Return is slated for mid-September.

I suddenly realized that I had neglected to insert references to the Easter tour in the facilities database, so that has been taken care of now.

Made a couple of minor updates.

There, with the addition of the March day tours out of Aktse the past winter is finally completed, and other parts of the site have been updated accordingly.

Of late I've been busy with a complete hardware upgrade, the whole process of which has consumed a lot of time, but the result is much to my liking. A direct consequence for this site (apart from update delays...) is that with a considerable increase in processing power at my disposal there should be noticeable improvements in things like panorama quality – something which can be checked straight away, as I have just published the Aktse day tours from February (and the March ones – which include the two high points at the end – are not too far behind).

Added Aktse 2009 report (sans day tours) to Tours section, updated the facility references and added thumbnails for the Bietsávrre and Skierffe POIs on the map.

Added Storulvån-Vålådalen 2009 report to Tours section and made an adjustment or two.

I spent the Easter holiday going between cottages in the Republic's fjelds, in rather a roundabout manner so as to see something other than the usual bits – and a great tour it turned out to be. Now, I have decided that I will produce the report for this tour (which spanned no more than four days) before putting my mind to that of Aktse, which should not take too much time.

Meanwhile, I have updated the facilities database with a picture of Ljungan and some additional info, and made some other minor albeit site-wide changes.

So, I'm home again. This period was a calm one – much calmer than expected, actually. For example, the first overnight guests came on day ten... The weather at the start was cold but fair, and I logged several great musts tour-wise, but then things took a turn for the worse; not bad as in hard, but as in boring. Well, right at the end came a sudden but lasting outbreak of great weather, and a couple of long tours saved the day, as it were – and the visitors had started finding their way out as well. I elected to travel back to civilization under my own power, skiing up to Saltoluokta for a terrific finale.

Now, the report covering these events will likely take more time than usual to surface, due to this here pesky thing called "other priorities", but it'll come. For a start I have added a number of wintery images to the facilities database, and carried out some expansions/amendments in the same.

I'm about to leave for this winter's warden assignment, which takes place in Aktse. I won't be gone for the whole season this time, but there will be no activity site- or mailwise until April.

Big update today!

When I first started making facility entries, my plan was to include only those I had visited, but as the project progressed (and grew) I decided to bring in a number of additional places as well, so as to make for example Padjelantaleden complete. I did, however, still not heed unvisited shelters and the like, or facilities in regions of lesser frequentation, but with the advent of the map feature I have come to reconsider this position. The reason is simple: with a good many trails in display – Kungsleden in particular – a missing location seems to be just that – missing. No less than 32 new facilities have therefore been entered, and two more "converted" from map POIs, concentrating upon those situated along the trails – and, again, along Kungsleden in particular. Since I have visited none of these places save for Kaitumkåtan (now Livamkåtan) the information contained in the entries is of a general nature, originating as it does from what I can find out online and from maps, and for the same reason there are no pictures (should anyone want to provide some missing piece of the puzzle, I'd be much obliged).

This has also necessitated the addition of a new area: Arjeplogsfjällen. Its description is rather brief for such a large area, and again the cause is a lack of first-hand information. However, the addition of Arjeplogsfjällen has in turn necessitated a reworking of the Kvikkjokksfjällen area, both on the map, in the text and in the facilities database, due to a strict adherence to the municipal border of Arjeplog which was not meaningful before.

Finally, some uncaught errors in the facility database have been corrected, and a number of smaller adjustments have been carried out in various other places as well.

Fixed a couple of erroneous image references in a couple of the reports.

Updated the report renderer to retrieve and define the sizes of the thumbnail images, thereby fixing the dimensions of the stage pages before the images load, at the expense of an HTML overhead of 4-5%.

Tech-speak aside: Happy New Year! As evidenced I am not fjeldside this time around, but I had a nice and quiet (well, had it not been for all the fireworks) time by a fire by the lake instead. Looking ahead, I will participate in a large warden meeting in Vålådalen later in January, and then I'm off for another wardenship in Aktse on the border of Sarek between the times 20/2 and 27/3.

Corrected a couple of spelling errors.
Oh, and Happy Yule, by the way!

Fixed some minor issues.

STF has launched a new version of its website (the workings of which are so-so at the moment), which broke all the external links in the facilities database. Unless they change something more, I should now be on top of it again.

Made a couple of small fixes.

A whole new section has been added, and it is one I have long felt was missing: an interactive map. It is linked to the facilities database, the entries of which show up as map markers, and it also includes the areas and trails discussed in the section of the same name, plus a number of other trails. There is also a selection of other points of interest here and there, and the coordinates field in the facility entries now constitutes a direct map link. Furthermore, the tours have been integrated with the map, in two directions: the tour index now includes "show on map" links which activate the tour plotting function on the map, and the stage headers in the tour reports include links to map points along that stage's route. The whole shebang has been widely tested on a number of browsers (thanks to Form0 and Emma), and any difference in performance is due to the speed of the underlying JavaScript engine since the application is very script-heavy.

In addition, the facilities database has also been integrated with the tours at long last, so that whenever a facility is mentioned for the first time it now forms a link to the corresponding entry page, whereas before it was just boldfaced like any other name.

Some minor fixes in various spots on the site have been applied as well, out of sheer momentum.

Today has seen a cumulative update in quite a few places:
1. Added Mårma to Areas and trails section, which has been partially reworked
2. Added info on the state of Kungsleden north of Jäkkvik in the same section
3. Added Mikka to facilities database, with details on its state
4. Updated the status of the Padjelanta cottages and adjusted some descriptions under Facilities
5. Corrected an erroneous stage map

Added Mårma 2008 report to Tours section and changed the facilities db accordingly. Great, great tour.

Added Vålåvalen 2008: Day Tours report to Tours section, made some additions to the parent report, and updated facilities references. I've also amended a few image captions elsewhere in accordance with the latest maps.

Made a few amendments in the facilities database.

I recently got home from a splendid tour through the Mårma region, with additions, but the account of this will have to wait some time yet as I will concentrate on the Vålåvalen day tours first. Before that, however, I have done some work in the facilities database, making some changes to a few of the entries, putting up some more photos, and adding the Mårma cabin. There will also be some changes to the text in several places on the site in the near future, due to recent developments and other information that has come to my attention, but I am awaiting final confirmation on some points.

Added Vålåvalen 2008 report to Tours section and made some other minor changes in other places. Day tours will surface at a later date as usual, and I dare say that the best is yet to come, photography-wise...

My wardenship in Vålåvalen is now over, and sorting-through of photos is in progress. In the meantime I have added some new pictures to the facilities database and also amended some distances and notes therein.

Added Bunnerfjällen 2008 report to Tours section and brought the facilities database up to date.
This is the last update for a while, for tomorrow I leave for another warden assignment in Vålåvalen. Do come visit!

Squashed a bug which caused a 404 on external requests to internal pages.

Added Nallo 2008: Day Tours (April) report to Tours section and made some small adjustments to the main report. Facility references have also been updated.

What, it's 2008 and not 1984? You could have fooled me. "Lex Orwell" is a reality, and this will be remembered as the Day of Shame.

The fjelds, however, have no part in all this – while they by their very nature may not be eternal, they will outlive all human folly and do, in the meantime, offer sanctuary for souls distraught with current affairs. Just don't make any suspicious remarks using communications devices in or near Sweden...

Added Nallo 2008: Day Tours (March) report to Tours section and updated the references in the facilities database.

Uploaded the Nallo 2008 crosswords and updated the references in the facilities database.

Added Nallo 2008 report to Tours section. The various longer day tours are not yet online, but there should be more than enough pictures from the area to satisfy the cravings of any and all interested parties. Stay tuned!

Corrected a few spelling errors.

Adjusted some image captions here and there following a map related realization.

Added Nikkaluokta, Lisa's cabin and Vassakåtan to facilities database, and adopted the term "cabin" for the middle one throughout the site.

So, once again civilization surrounds me, after two months in the winter paradise that is Nallo. Short summary: good weather, plenty of guests and lots of skiing. A full report should surface within a few weeks, as usual.

In the meantime, I note that the site was temporarily down a few weeks ago due to a server move, and when it was restored the counter had stopped at 4021. The technical reason for this was that as a result of the move file permissions were reset, which meant that the counter script no longer could write to the log file. Luckily (or rather, prudently), the code was designed with this eventuality in mind, so the overall functionality of the site was not affected. The issue has now been corrected.

Just writing to say that I leave for this winter's wardenship in Nallo now, so no new updates until May at the earliest. And should anyone want to get a hold of me before then – come visit!

Some minor fixes in various places.

Orthography update in Vindelfjällen 2006 report.

Orthography update and other minor fixes in the following tour reports:
Vålådalen 2004
Oviksfjällen 2005
Vålådalen 2005/2006

Upon getting out of bed this morning it suddenly struck me that there is a bug in the report renderer – or, more to the point, the new version is incompatible with the old data file format in one particular aspect, which caused a few paragraphs that were supposed to be presented in a smaller size to come out as positively huge instead. Fixed now.

Added the Peak to Peak banner to bottom of front page.

The 6th of February happens to be the National Day of the Sámi, and even if it is pure coincidence it seems fitting to roll out the new and shiny version of this site today. There have been some extensive changes: the old collection of tour reports, which previously was the site, has been relegated to a subsection of what is now a general information place about the Swedish fjelds. The main feature is a searchable database of tourist facilities, ranging from simple huts in the middle of nowhere to hotel-like locations reachable by car. It is my hope that this will all turn out to be useful in some way or another, to some people, and not only a result of any "desire for expression" on my part – but I have certainly enjoyed producing it in any case. Please holler if there's anything that you find specifically noteworthy, for whatever reason.

After quite a lot of tweaking, the site should now be as compatible as possible across several platforms and browsers. It has been tested using Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Firefox, Opera and Konqueror on several different Windows and Linux setups, for the latter of which I am much obliged to jaGni and ghor, and should anyone get it into their head to use Lynx, ELinks or similar those also yield acceptable results.
Moving on to proofreading and last-minute adjustments of contents.

"Beta testing" of the new, much extended site started!

Added Vålådalen 2007/2008 report to Tours section. This was the second time I have been in the area for New Year, and I'm sure I will not tire of it any time soon.

Clarified a wording in the Såmmarlappa 2007 report in the Tours section.

Added Såmmarlappa 2007: Day Tours report to Tours section, making the Såmmarlappa sojourn complete.

Added Såmmarlappa 2007 report to Tours section. My first warden assignment, this was a terrific way to spend the early autumn.

Added Sarek 2007 report to Tours section. Lots of rain, but also a fair bit of sunny weather and grand views. Unfortunately I did not quite see eye to eye with the new camera, but digital enhancements have much improved the results.