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Picture of Blåhammaren

STF fjeld station

On trail:Storlien–Sylarna
Coordinates:63°11'08"N, 12°10'33"E
Altitude:1086 m
Fjeld map:Z6
Accommodation:30 beds (previously 64)
Service:See below

STF's smallest and highest fjeld station sits upon Blåhammarfjället, just beneath the marked summit Blåhammarkläppen. Its restaurant used to be widely renowned, with good cause, and there is a small shop as well as a joint sauna with a wide view. The only land beacon in Sweden sits right outside the station and provides a guide for latecomers – its blinking light can be seen all the way from Sylarna.

NOTE: As of 2024 the restaurant is closed and the bed count cut in half as part of a new land use agreement intended to lighten visitor pressure in the area.

Approximate distances
Rundhögen10 km
Storulvån12 km
Storvallen13 km
Storerikvollen16 km
Sylarna19 km
Gräslidfjället3 km
Ulvåtjärn6 km
Endalsstugan8 km
Enkälen9 km
Snasahögarna12 km
Gamla Sylen17 km
Fiskåhøgda22 km
Jämtland Triangle 2005Day 1
Around Sylarna 2006Day 8
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