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On trail:Vålådalen–Sylarna
Coordinates:63°02'59"N, 12°32'46"E
Altitude:1090 m
Fjeld map:Z6
Accommodation:None (previously 52 beds)

These two cottages sit at a crossroads of several trails on the southeast slope of the fjeld Gåsen, and would probably not have been erected in this specific location otherwise. But, now that they are, one must admit that the place is well worth a visit on its own merits, with its panorama view of both the Helags and Sylarna massifs. Gåsen proper is a superb observation point, and is very easily climbed.

NOTE: As of 2024 the cottages are permanently closed as part of a new land use agreement intended to lighten visitor pressure in the area.

Approximate distances
Stensdalen14 km
Vålåvalen14 km
Sylarna17 km
Helags17 km
Storulvån20 km
Härjångsdalen4 km
Gåsån5 km
Sjtäntja6 km
Hulke8.5 km
Tjallingen12 km
Vålådalen 2005Day 2
Helags 2005Day 3
Around Sylarna 2006Day 3
Vålåvalen 2008: Day Tours25/7
Storulvån-Vålådalen 2009Day 1
Helags 2011Day 1
Gåsen 2012Day 1
Vålådalen 2013Day 2
Storulvån-Vålådalen 2015Day 1
Storulvån-Vålådalen 2018Day 1
Storulvån-Vålådalen 2019Day 1
Gåsen 2022Day 2
Gåsen 2022Day 3
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