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This was a tour that went through a number of transformations even before it started. The original idea was to go from Kvikkjokk to the Norwegian mining town Sulitjelma in September, staying in cottages all the way, but then I came across a few other reports about tours in and near the southern parts of Padjelanta National Park and Sarek National Park the impressions of which appealed to me, and I began to extend my own plan. I also moved the entire journey into early August, displacing the other tour in Vindelfjällen that I was considering to September instead, seeing as how I wanted to "make use" of the lasting summer further north.

The actual route also changed many times, before I settled on at least an outline: I was to start as originally planned, going due west to the Pieskehaure cottage and its alluring firewood-powered sauna, but then instead of continuing over the national border I would turn north, heading for Jiegŋáffo and southern Padjelanta. Next I would proceed towards Sarek, and, if my physical condition and the weather both were in favor, pass through the southern regions of the park, eventually returning to Kvikkjokk (alternatives included rejoining the northbound Padjelanta Trail to Akka, or going back to Kvikkjokk south of Sarek).

My packing list was as follows:

To wear 
underpantsboxer shorts80g
thermal underwear410g
wind trousersCraft200g
wind jacketCraft290g
hiking bootsMeindl Performance1890g
hatHaglöfs felt hat175g
knifepersonally handmade + belt200g
To carry 
rucksackMcKinley Crestone 70 + rain cover2725g
shirtlarge, warm cotton shirt540g
sweaterfleece sweater390g
cap and glovesthin skiing cap and gloves135g
rain clothesSwedish Postal Service issue550g
spare underpants(see above)260g
spare socks(see above)285g
leisure clothesTouch9 micro fleece suit + T-shirt575g
extra t-shirt190g
light shoessandals670g
Food related 
thermos½ liter325g
drinking vessel, tablewarecamping set, water flask200g
camping stove, fuelTrangia 27 series + 1 l ethanol1775g
food and drink 7 DryTech REAL freeze-dried packages
2 Wildlife freeze-dried packages
2 Blå Band Outdoor Meals freeze-dried packages
9 dl oatmeal
30 Varma Koppen/Cup-a-Soup instant soup packages
16 Ögonblink instant chocolate packages
20 tea bags
1 package of hard bread
1 package of soft bread
1 can of butter
~25 cheese slices
~30 beef slices
2 tubes of cream cheese
2 packages of biscuits
3 large chocolate bars
1 large slab of dried reindeer meat
2 packages of blueberry soup powder
Camping related 
tentFjällräven Skule R/S 22650g
sleeping bagAjungilak Kompakt L synthetic filling1700g
sleep mat350g
Other required stuff 
towellight medium-sized towel300g
flashlightLED headband90g
medical stuffbandage, anti-chafe adhesive100g
hygiene stufftoothbrush, toothpaste, mini-shampoo, ointment, toilet paper275g
mapfjeld map (BD10: Sarek National Park)75g
map caseHaglöfs Watatait85g
mosquito repellantUS622 stick20g
payment, recordingcards, bills, paper, pencil25g
bookThe Black Echo (Michael Connelly)200g
deck of cards80g
crossword booklet50g
whistlereferee issue10g
home key15g
cameraCanon PowerShot A75, batteries, memory cards, mini tripod630g
mobile phoneEricsson T65110g

I also had the 650-g birch walking stick I had made for last year's autumn tour. Once again I was far from the only one who intended to travel north when the time to go drew near, for there was no room on the trains. I therefore took the bus from Östersund to Jokkmokk, where I stayed the night at my maternal grandmother's, taking the opportunity for a quick visit. The weather was fair when I arrived, as it had been for quite some time, and the forecasts promised a continuation of that type of conditions for another period still, and I felt quite excited about the prospects of the approaching two-week trek.

Here, then, is the full account of what transpired during the subsequent thirteen days. Each section has a header consisting of a short overview of the stage in question, complete with a map showing the route travelled. A ring marks the starting point, a square the lunch break location (if any), and a star the destination. Vertical distances have been calculated from the map and have an accuracy of 20 m. Unless otherwise defined, all breakfasts consisted of oatmeal porridge, tea and a sandwich, and all lunches of two cups of instant soup, a sandwich and water.



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